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Motor and Fan Controllers

The SGx731 is a pulse width modulator circuit designed specifically for DC motor control. It provides a
bi-directional pulse train output in response to the magnitude and polarity of an
analog error signal input. The device is useful as the control element in motor-driven
servo systems for precision positioning and speed control, as well as in audio
modulators and amplifiers using carrier frequencies to 350 KHz.

The circuit contains a triangle waveform oscillator, a wideband operational amplifier
for error voltage generation, a summing/scaling network for level-shifting the
triangle waveform, externally programmable PWM comparators and dual 100mA,
22V totem pole drivers with commutation diodes for full bridge output.
A SHUTDOWN terminal forces the drivers into a floating high-impedance state
when driven LOW. Supply voltage to the control circuitry and to the output drivers
may be from either dual positive and negative supplies, or single-ended.

Packaging options:

J: DIP, 16/18-pin, Ceramic
L: 20-pin, Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier
N: DIP, 16/18-pin, Plastic, ROHS-compliant

P/N J J-8 J-D L L-8 N Vin Control (V) Vin Driver (V) Idrive (A) Freq. (kHz) Trange
SG1731 X X X X X   +-3.5 to +-15 +-2.5 to 22 0.1 5-350 -55-125
SG2731 X         X +-3.5 to +-15 +-2.5 to 22 0.1 5-350 -25-85
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