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Magnetic Digital Position Sensor ICs

Magnetic Digital Position Sensor Montage (hall effect sensor, hall sensor, hall effect current sensor)


Hall-effect digital position sensor ICs detect changes in magnetic flux density, allowing them to distinguish movement and position.
These contactless sensing solutions require few external components and can withstand the hostile operating conditions of
automotive applications.

Specific advantages of Allegro¡¯s solutions include:

  • 4x chopper-stabilization for offset cancellation provides: enhanced switch point stability that increases accuracy in measuring
    motor speed or duty cycle, and industry leading jitter performance that outperforms the competition
  • Low voltage (3 V) operation and lower ICC for more power efficient devices
  • Many standard products are designed to survive harsh automotive transient conditions, including double battery and 40 V load
    dump, without a limiting series resistor, which eliminates the need for external components and prevents transient voltage
    field failures

The majority of Allegro¡¯s digital position sensing volume ships into demanding automotive applications, and has a proven
quality record and dedication to continuous improvement.

Allegro offers a broad range of switching and latching solutions to cover just about any application need.

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