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Motor Driver and Interface ICs

Motor Drivers and Interface Montage (mosfet, mosfets, vibration motor, motor driver, stepper motor controller, stepper motor driver, pwm controller)


Allegro offers an industry leading portfolio of motor driver and controller ICs for brushless DC, brush DC, and stepper motors. 
Product architectures vary from highly-efficient internal DMOS drivers to MOSFET controller ICs suited for a wide variety of
motor applications.  Coupled with a strong system level expertise, Allegro¡¯s motor driver IC portfolio provides the user with
a high-performance, leading edge and reliable motor control solution.  

Allegro's BCD (bipolar, CMOS and DMOS components) technology allows for a wide range of features that is well suited for
today¡¯s demanding motor control applications. Allegro motor driver ICs can be found in a number of demanding markets,
including automotive, industrial and office equipment. Our products are found in motor driver applications such as
automotive pumps and blowers, electronic power steering (EPS) systems, printers (ink-jet and laser) and a variety of cooling
fan applications.

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