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Magnetic Linear and Angular Position Sensor ICs

Linear Angle Position Sensor (proximity sensor, magnetic sensor,proximity sensors)

Allegro MicroSystems is a leader in the design and manufacture of Hall-effect integrated circuits. With its unique silicon fabrication
process, Allegro integrates Hall-effect sensor elements and signal processing circuitry into single monolithic silicon devices to
yield highly accurate magnetic flux density measurement sensors.

Allegro¡¯s linear position and angle Hall-effect sensor ICs are used extensively in the automotive, industrial, white goods, and
consumer markets. With each of these markets they are used in a wide variety of position and angle measurement applications.
In automotive electronic power steering systems for example, linear and angle position Hall-effect sensor ICs measure steering
wheel angle, torque, and rotational speed. In industrial factory automation markets they are used for proximity and angle
detection for hydraulic control valves and joysticks, and in white goods and consumer markets they are used for control and
open/closure detection systems.   

Allegro offers a rich suite of factory and customer programmable linear Hall-effect sensor ICs, and invests continually in new
position and angle sensor products to meet the evolving market needs of its customers.

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