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High-Side Hot-Swap Hall-Effect-Based Current Monitor IC

High-Side Hot-Swap Hall-Effect-Based Current Monitor IC

QSOP-24 packageThe ACS761 combines Allegro Hall-effect current sense technology with a hot-swap controller resulting in a more efficient integrated controller for 12 V applications. By eliminating the need for a shunt resistor, the I2R losses in the power path are reduced.

The ACS761 has an internal charge pump that drives the gate of the external FET. When the load voltage reaches its target value PGOOD is asserted high.

The integrated protection in the ACS761 incorporates three levels of fault protection, which includes a Power Fault with user-selectable delay, an Overcurrent Fault threshold with user selectable delay, and Short Circuit protection, which disables the gate in less than 2 µs.

Please see the datasheet for advanced features and benefits of the ACS761 device.

Type Part Number Measurement Range (A) Voltage (V) Bandwidth (kHz) Temp. Ranges Packages
Hot Swap Controller ACS761 20 12 to 20 50 E QSOP-24

Temperature range codes: S = -20C to 85C, E = -40C to 85C, K = -40C to 125C, L = -40C to 150C

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