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SIP Package 0 to >1000 A Sensor ICs

SIP Package 0 to >1000 A Sensor ICs

KT package only 1 mm thickThe Allegro family of current sensor IC linear devices are customer programmable for both offset and sensitivity. The temperature coefficient of both sensitivity and zero gauss offset voltage are factory trimmed to maintain an accurate output voltage over temperature. These Hall linear ICs are packaged in a 1 mm thick KT package SIP that is often used in applications with a ferromagnetic core and are easily designed to sense currents above 1500 A.

The A1360 family of high bandwidth and fast response time analog output sensors are suitable for HEV inverter applications or wherever >200 A continuous currents need to be sensed in high frequency switching applications. In lower frequency applications, the output can be filtered to improve output resolution. A lower frequency device with a digital PWM output is also available and is suitable for 60 Hz applications.

If you require help with the magnetic circuit design, please contact your nearest Allegro field sales officeor applications engineer for help with design activity.

Part Number Supply Voltage (V) Quiescent Output (V) Typical Sensitivity (mV/G) Output Bandwidth (kHz) Temp. Ranges Packages
A1363 4.5 to 5.5
(nominal 5 V)
Typ 50% VCC 0.6 to 14 Programmable 120 L LU, KT
Temperature range codes: S = -20ˇăC to 85ˇăC, E = -40ˇăC to 85ˇăC, K = -40ˇăC to 125ˇăC, L = -40ˇăC to 150ˇăC

The following SIP Package 0 to >1000 A Current Sensor ICs are not for new design: A1360A1361, A1362.

The following SIP Package 0 to >1000 A Current Sensor ICs have been discontinued: A1351.

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